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Welcome to the AIGINA FUEL ADVANTAGE website!

AEGINA FUEL ADVANTAGE was founded in 1989 as AN.E.E.K. KOKOLIS S.A. You will find us in four locations in Aegina. In us you will find all the solutions for your car in fuel, lubricants and car accessories. Also, in our chain of stores "autoepiloges" you will find a wide variety of car accessories and we represent 19 companies in car tires. Excellent quality fuel and lubricants of the companies Elin and Revoil that we represent and their fuels are quality controlled by the National Technical University of Athens.

Another area of our service station is washing and cleaning of your car which is done with the modern and reliable machines and experienced staff.

Our aim is to be a reference point on our island, Aegina, standing out for the top quality of our fuel and the services we offer.


In us you will find complete solutions for your vehicle!



Our staff is fast, polite and willing to serve you in the best way.